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Village of Huntington Bay, New York, February 19, 2013


The State Controller’s just-released audit of the Village of Huntington Bay recommended a few minor changes in village operating procedures. We are cooperating in implementing them.

Two of these changes were implemented even before the audit was finalized. The Village made both the Village Building Inspector and Village Court Justice direct employees of the Village. This was done on January 1, 2013.

The Village also agreed that it needed to do a better job at memorializing decisions for its processes and procedures by formal Board resolution. After a review, we have implemented a number of changes. 

We will be updating our expense and credit card policy upon adoption of our new budget in April. We will be revising our procedures for handling credit card expense receipts. Some  receipts were unavailable to the audit team due to poor record keeping. However, many of the missing receipts were contained in the missing files removed from Village Hall when it was vandalized in the fall of 2011. We have addressed both these problems by improving security in the building and by requiring duplicate receipts, and storing them safely off site. 


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