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Huntington Bay, situated on Long Island's North Shore within the Town of Huntington,

was established in 1924 and currently boasts a population of 1600 residents.

Nestled along Huntington Bay, which connects to the Long Island Sound, the village offers

stunning views of Connecticut's southern shores from its beaches.

The community is renowned for institutions like the Huntington Yacht Club, the Head of

the Bay Club, and Crescent Beach, managed by the Town of Huntington. Just minutes

south lies Huntington Village, renowned across Long Island for its exceptional dining,

nightlife, and shopping, anchored by the Paramount Theatre.

Mayor Mark Dara and four trustees oversee Huntington Bay's governance. Notable officials include Barbara Beuerlein, Deputy Mayor & Road Commissioner; Kenneth Anna, Police Commissioner; Luan Doan; and Elizabeth Richter. The village also features a Zoning Board of Appeals and Village Justice Steve Kunken. Administrative roles are filled by Village Administrator Danielle Catanese, Village Attorney Anthony Guardino of Farrell Fritz, and Village Engineer Jeff Vollmuth, with Sonia Lysek serving as Village Court Clerk. James Siino serves as Building Inspector.

Huntington Bay maintains its own accredited police force, led by Chief Christopher Jack, ensuring round-the-clock coverage and contributing to its reputation as one of America's safest communities. The village is further protected by the Halesite Fire Department, collaborating closely with local authorities.

For more information, residents and visitors can visit the village website or contact Village Hall directly at (631) 427-2843. Updates and community engagement can also be found on the Village of Huntington Bay Facebook Page.

Huntington Bay stands out as a uniquely welcoming and picturesque community, embodying a blend of charm and safety.

Welcome to our Village!

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