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From: Village of Huntington Bay
Contact: Gail Devol, Village Administrator; Herb Morrow, Mayor
Telephone: 631-427-2843
Village of Huntington Bay, New York, June 11, 2018


Huntington Bay Police Department Re-Certified With State Accreditation


The Huntington Bay Police Department has recently received a renewal of Accreditation from The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Huntington Bay first applied and was approved in 2008 and as part of the program must be re-certified every 5 years.The State program was first implemented in New York in 1989 and has four objectives; Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies, promote cooperation and coordination among law enforcement agencies, ensure appropriate training of law enforcement personnel, and to promote public confidence. The program helps police departments evaluate and improve overall performance and if approved the agency gets formal recognition that it meets or exceeds expectations of quality and performance. The Accreditation Program consists of 110 standards that must be met. Those standards and criteria are the same for the largest to the smallest agencies in New York State. Huntington Bay is - one of the smallest in the State to get this accreditation, only one of 5 Villages in Suffolk County and the only one in the Town Of Huntington. A team from the State did an extensive on-site audit and presented a very positive report to Mayor Morrow and and Police Chief Chris Jack. The State citation was presented to Chief Chris Jack for the Department and one to Officer James Newman who manages the program. Village Trustee Don Rave said, “This is not just a flash in the pan. Our Police have been doing this year after year and they do it within budget.  It speaks volumes about the character and ability of the people who make up our Police Department and its leadership.” Village Mayor Herb Morrow said, “I give a great deal of credit to our Police for approaching the Board in 2008 and asking for our support in seeking this State Recognition. I know we have a great police department. However, having the State validate that is good. Our police have a commitment to be the best. Every resident should be proud of their work and to know that it is because of it that we live in one of the safest places in the Country."

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