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Executive Summary of the 2016-2017 Village Budget



April 11, 2016


After several months of review and input from the Board, Staff and Chief of Police, the 2016-2017 budget has been completed. It was  presented during a public hearing at the April 11th meeting. After discussion and questions it was unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees. 


As always, we prepare the budget with a conservative view of revenue and a realistic view of expenses needed to cover all Village operations. The Police budget is developed by the Police Chief with his knowledge of what is required to fund police operations and keep our community and officers safe.  Because of the work we have done to control and reduce costs, the Budget has only a slight increase in projected spending over last year. Our goal is to provide superior levels of service while doing our part in avoiding tax increases. This budget has no increase in taxes. This is the fourth consecutive budget to do so.  


The revenue and expenses for the 2016-2017 fiscal year are projected to be $1,984,900. Expenses are projected to be $30,000 higher than last year.  Revenue increases are attributed to increase in building permits, fines, and an increase in public safety monies we receive from Suffolk County.   On the expense side, the highest percentage in the budget is for our police department which is such an important part of this community- providing safety and adding value to our homes. As the smallest Village in New York State to have received New York State accreditation, the department is trained, prepared and equipped to handle all emergency situations that come before them. And they do this with a personal touch and an attitude of service. Residents should be proud of this department.  Last year we spent $208,000 on road repairs. That expense was paid using a bond we got last summer. Street cleaning will be done in April as well as pothole repairs. We continue to work on our Village Hall renovation project. That project will add modest additional space, redesign the interior for better usage and provide better working conditions for the police and staff. Clean up of the property and parking area will also be done. We expect work to begin shortly and will take about 3 months to complete. Most expenses are in line with last year. An increase is seen in costs associated with the building project and bond repayment. Despite the snow this winter our expenses for plowing and sand were under budget. Expenses for attorney fees are down. Staff costs have stayed low since we decreased the number of full time employees to one at Village Hall supplemented by two part timers.


We expect to end this year with a surplus. I anticipate the 2016-2017 budget will have a surplus as well.


The Village is in very good condition financially. We monitor and review the Village’s financials on a monthly basis as there are always risks and opportunities with any financial plan. We will continue to work toward a balance of reasonable costs for associated services protecting the character and safety of the Village.


The Village is our home and the Board of Trustees has a special responsibility to keep that in mind when making decisions on behalf of the residents. It is a very unique place on Long Island - We must protect the character of our Village and keep our residents safe, while providing adequate funding to do both.


The proposed budget is on the website and copies are at Village Hall. If you have any comments or specific questions please feel free to contact me at or call me at (631) 423-8291.




Herb Morrow



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