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Barbara Beuerlein, Village Trustee

Barbara is a lifelong resident of Huntington. Raised in Huntington, married and raised a son

in Lloyd Harbor and now eight years in Wincoma, Huntington Bay.


Following a career in advertising, Barbara started volunteering in her community. She served

on the Board of the Cold Spring Harbor Citizens/ Faculty Association at the CSH Jr/Sr High

School.  Past President of the Matinencock Garden Club.


She is an active volunteer for the past ten years at The Church of St. Patrick’s Outreach

Program, Trocaire and on the Advisory Board for Volunteers for Wildlife, a not-for-profit

hospital and education center.


She is currently on the Wincoma Association Board responsible for communications and welcoming.


In June 2021 she was elected to the Village Board of Trustees.

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