April 17, 2015


Dear Village Residents;


The 2015-2016 Budget is complete and will be reviewed and voted on in the April Board meeting.


The budget has been prepared with revenue that is sufficient to cover all of our costs including fully funding the police department as requested by Chief Jack and all operational requirements for the upcoming year. Because of the work we have done to control and reduce costs the Budget is less than last year and spending is at the same level as 2009. Our objective is to provide superior levels of service while doing our part in turning the tide on tax increases. This budget has no increase in taxes. This is the third consecutive budget to do so. We will continue to have that as our goal every year as we build the annual budget.


The revenue and expenses for the 2015-2016 fiscal year are projected to be $1,954,750. Expenses are down from last year’s budget of $1,989,444.  The highest percentage in the budget is for our Police Department, which is such an important part of this community, as well as adding to the value of our homes. During the last two years, we spent $240,000 on road repairs, all of which were paid for by money from New York State. We expect to spend at least $85,000 this year in road repairs with at least half coming from the State. Other sources of income include permit fees, payments we receive from Cablevision and Verizon, and money we receive from the New York State mortgage tax. Fines are significantly up due to increased focus by our Police on safety in the Village. On the expense side, cost for attorney fees are down due to no pending litigation. Staff costs have stayed low since we decreased the number of full time employees to one at Village Hall, supplemented by two part timers. We have included monies for proper cleaning of Village storm drains.  Funding is in the budget for Local Law 1, which is about compensation to the Board. The full Local Law is on the website or can be picked up at Village Hall. We expect to end this year with a surplus. I think the upcoming budget will have a surplus as well.


We are planning work at Village Hall to protect this 1926 structure and to add space for the Police, better working space for staff, improved use of the building for Court and improved storage space. No money for that is in this budget. As we develop the plans and ascertain the costs, we will make a decision on how to pay for this. We are looking at grants in the State as well as other sources of revenue. We will have more on this in late May and June. It is important that we preserve this building, keep it professionally functional, and that we improve the look of the grounds.


The Village is in very good condition financially. We monitor and review the Village’s financials on a monthly basis as there are always risks and opportunities with any financial plan. We will continue to work toward a balance of reasonable costs for associated services protecting the character and safety of the Village.


The Village is our home, and the Board of Trustees has a special responsibility to keep that in mind when making decisions on behalf of the residents. It is a unique place on Long Island - we must protect the character of our Village and keep our residents safe, while providing adequate funding to do both.


The proposed budget and Local Law 1 are on the website and copies are at Village Hall. If you have any comments or specific questions, please feel free to contact me at hfmhuntbay@aol.com or call me at (631) 423-8291.




Herb Morrow


April 17, 2015