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Requirements for a Building Permit



If you intend to erect, add to, alter or demolish any structure, or install any outdoor recreational facilities.

You must file an application for a permit.


If your application indicates a violation of the zoning ordinance and you wish to apply for a variance.

You must file an application for the zoning board of appeals .  


If you intend to erect, add to, alter a structure or make any structural or plumbing changes.

You need structural plans (prepared by an architect, or professional engineer of New York State).


If you file for a permit to construct a new or altered dwelling.

You need site plans, showing elevations, driveways, etc. prepared by a licensed land surveyor or D.E.  You need surveys, showing locations of proposed constuction and setbacks.


If there is sewage installation involved, or the possibility of increased need of such facilities.

You need County Board of Health approval and all copies of plans, applications and correspondence shall be forwarded to the Village for their records.


If any structure is erected, altered, or rebuilt in water courses, wetlands, or shore line, or if vegetation is disturbed for any reason. 

You need approval for all agencies of competent jurisdiction.


If all above requirements are met you will be issued a permit.

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