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Executive Summary of the 2014-2015 
Proposed Village Budget


April 9, 2014


The 2014-2015 Budget has been prepared and will be reviewed and voted on in the April Board meeting.

Our objective is to provide superior levels of service while doing our part in turning the tide on tax increases. We continue on our multi-year financial plan with the objective of keeping tax increases as close to zero as possible. We are accomplishing that.

The Village is our home and the Board of Trustees has a special responsibility to keep that in mind when making decisions on behalf of the residents. We must protect the unique character of our Village and keep our residents safe, while providing adequate funding to do both.


The Village of Huntington Bay is in a very strong financial position. The projected expenses for the 2014-2015 are $1,989,444 slightly down from this year. The projected revenue is $2,027,250 giving us at least a $35,000 projected surplus to add to reserves. We had no increase in taxes last year and there is again no increase in taxes this year. I believe that if we continue on the path set out in 2012 there will no tax increases in the next two years. I think we will do better than that. We have a strong reserve fund and available grants over $125,000 for use on Road projects. We have no debt.  


The budget includes funds for a number of road projects, additional police equipment, and funds all our operational requirements. It also includes a compensation plan for Village officials. The proposal submitted last year was eliminated for a number of reasons.  The inclusion of this monthly stipend in this year’s budget is less than proposed last year, does not include any benefits but recognizes, as most Villages have, that these positions deserve compensation for the work done and time committed. The stipends are: $1500 per month for the Mayor. $250 per month for each Trustee, $250 per month for Trustee who serves as Police Commissioner and Road Commissioner, $125 per meeting for Zoning Board members. We are also evaluating improvements to the Village Hall and re-construction of the barn. Outside funding will be sought for those projects.

We monitor and review the Village’s financials on a monthly basis as there are always risks and opportunities with any financial plan. We will continue to work toward a balance of reasonable costs for associated services protecting the character and safety of the Village.


The preliminary final budget is here on the website. Copies are at Village Hall. If you have any comments or specific questions please feel free to contact me at or call me at (631) 423-8291.



Herb Morrow
April 9, 2014


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